When it comes to propelling your music career, connecting to other people is crucial. In order to make the most of your outreach, doing some research into social science concepts could be of good use.

Of the most famous social science research studies is the six degrees of separation theory. This theory claims that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other. This means that a chain of interactions where one friend relays information to another could connect two people with maximum six interactions. While this concept can be applied to many different applications within the world of business and marketing, it is equally as important in the music industry. In order to have your music become a success, people need to hear it and those people need to tell other people what they heard.

While simple word of mouth will still make expounding connections according to the six degrees of separation, using applications and platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help to lower the amount of separations between connections. A recent study done by Facebook found that people who take advantage of the features on their platform decrease the degree of separation to 3.57. This is almost half as many people needed to get your message out versus the six it usually takes using the standard “friend telling a friend” method. Twitter has also made it possible for it’s users to make connections faster and easier. After a study with 5.2 billion social media users was done on connections, it was found that the average Twitter user has a distance of 4.67. This means that on average, 50% of people of Twitter are only 4 steps away from each other.

As you can see, social media apps do exactly what the name suggests; they help make you more social. As a musician, it is especially important to take advantage of the six degrees of separation. For example, let say you live in Perth, Australia and there is a famous music producer who lives in L.A. If you really want this music producer to hear your latest EP, then according to this theory, you are only six steps away from being connected to this person in L.A. While there is no one path to these six steps, it is important to think about how you could light the fuse to the strongest and fastest way there. First, it would be a good idea to think about any connections in the states, and more specifically California. Tell that person what your goals are. Then maybe that person knows a realtor in L.A. who happens to be friends with a lot of famous musicians. As you can expect, the chain of this person meeting that person would eventually culminate to the person you actually want hearing your music.

What this means is that if you are the kind of person who sits in their house writing music and only showing a few select people what you are making, it is unlikely that anything will come of your music career. In order to make new lines of connection, it is important that you reach out to new people that you might not think of right off the bat. Call your friend from high school who you haven’t seen in years and ask them if they want to grab lunch and catch up. Or take the time when you’re at a coffee shop or the grocery store and talk to new people and make conversation. Who knows, maybe that stranger in line at the checkout is actually cousins with a famous music producer in L.A. and is going there next week to visit and would love to take your EP with them to show. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the ways in which people connect. It is often the strangest of ways that best friends or spouses meet, so nothing should be written off as impossible or too much of a reach.

Another thing to keep in mind is the way in which platforms like Facebook and Twitter can really expedite the six degrees of separation. Making frequent posts on your Facebook with new videos and new things that you’re working on will put you in the minds of more people more frequently, and you never know who might be looking.