There is no better place to see great live music than Tel Aviv in the summer. There are so many amazing shows to attend that it is overwhelming to try and catch it all. Here we will talk about a few featured artists performing in Tel Aviv this summer to keep an eye on.

Nessi Gomes Performing 29.07.17 at Café Bialik

Nessi Gomes is a British Portuguese musician who just debuted with her album Diamonds & Demons. Her style can be defined by the combination of traditional Portuguese Fado Folk and contemporary British indie influence.

While Nessie has spent most of her life in the Channel Islands, her musical exploration really took off when she spent time living in Central America. Moving away from the comfort of home allowed her to strengthen her creative muscles and produce more meaningful music that truly came from the heart. Instead of only writing about the standard heartbreak and lost love, she started telling her story, exposing her insecurities, and letter her true self show through.

In 2013, Nessi returned home with lots of newfound inspiration and a desire to turn that drive into an album of songs. After connecting with a producer and working on her musical dream for almost 2 years, she compiled her first album, Diamonds & Demons. As the name suggests, this album goes into the depths of her personal struggle as well as the highs of her successes and dreams. After the release of her album, many talented musicians have reached out to collaborate and produce a collage of musical ingenious.

After raising enough money through fundraising, Gomes was able to set off on her European tour visiting 21 countries in total. With such a success, she claimed the title Best UK Unsigned Female of 2016.

To see her perform her new album would be to experience a journey of raw discovery. Nessi leaves nothing behind when she enters the stage and shows her fans true emotion.

Liraz Charhi Performing 2.08.17 at Zappa Tel Aviv

Liraz Cherchi is an Iranian singer and actress who creates music influenced by ethnically Iranian sounds from the 1960-1970 era. She started her lifelong passion of performing at just five years old and began working professionally as a stage actress at eleven. She then went on to study at Beit Zvi Stage Arts School. Liraz has appeared in both Israeli TV series and films and was even nominated by the Israeli Film Academy for her role in Turn Left at the End of the World.

On one of her trips to L.A, Liraz became very inspired by the anti-revolutionary music she was exposed to. She really connected with the stories being told through this music as it reminded her of the stories her parents told her when she was growing up. Liraz now incorporates the eclectic sound of the L.A. streets with the more traditional Iranian music she grew up with to make it her own.

Her new album encompasses the original stories of her parents past while still maintaining a modern edge.  The melancholy lyrics mixed with fast electric beats will take your musical palate for a joy ride when you see her perform live. A journey from Iran to Tel Aviv and L.A. all in one night.

Alon Eder Performing 9.08.17 at Zappa Tel Aviv

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Alon Eder is not a musician to miss seeing live this summer. He began studying music early in life at Alon High School and grew up in a very musical and artistic family. Alon released his first album in 2011 entitled “Alon Eder” with 15 songs written poetically by himself. He released his second album “Alon Eder and the Band” the same year and composed all but one of the songs. Alon’s band includes an assortment of talented musicians playing guitar, trumpet, violin, and drums.

The style of Alon’s music can be described as Indie Rock and is most influenced by 70’s Israeli rock musicians like Shlomo Gronich and Matti Caspi.

In 2012, he released a short album called “Casio filthy” that contained just six politically charged songs that really got the attention of his audience. Alon released another album of similar nature in 2015 called “Casio Rage” which also contained songs that protest social issues.

A year earlier in 2014, Alon released his album “Summary of Life Until Now” that involved band members Sefi Ciesling, Avner Kalmar and Ran South, as well as Nadav Hollander (bass) and Yonatan Rosen (drums).

His most recent album released in 2017 which he will be performing in his upcoming tour is “The Conservatives Again in Fashion.” The release of this album was followed by several singles as well as some anticipated collaborations with Dana Adini and Ido Maimon.

The opportunity to hear live music that tells a story and sends honest messages does not come around every day. To experience Alon’s melodic poetry would truly be a memorable time in music history.