It’s no surprise that it’s becoming more and more difficult to gain exposure and book worthwhile gigs if you’re a musician. With more videos uploaded online every minute, it seems music artists must become marketing gurus just to get noticed.  Even if you’re not yet a marketing wiz, don’t worry. You don’t have to be. There are a few easy tricks & tips that allow  us to use the internet wisely and still do what we love — create music!

Here are 7 marketing tips every musician must know:

1. Get Social
Make it easy for people to find you. Many of us create good music, great music even, but we live in an era where our stage if often the internet. This is a big advantage when used wisely. When we’re not performing on an actual stage, making sure we “exist” online is crucial. If you haven’t yet, create a profile/page for yourself or band on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SoundCloud & even Twitter. These sites are “home” for many fans who don’t actively search for music. So just make sure they can find you even when not looking.

2. Reach out to play with known artists or bands
It’s always hard getting crowds to shows. Generating buzz outside your group can be difficult for young (and old) artists. Reaching out to known musicians in your scene to play with them or even warm up the crowd before they come on stage can boost your fanbase in an instant. That energy fans have right before seeing their favorite band play live will be directed in part to you and for many, may even mean love at first sight.

3. Create a professional looking EPK
An EPK (or Electronic Press Kit) is a document that showcases what your music/band is all about. It should include images, links, bio, social media or anything else you would like people to see. Whether it’s a potential manager, a promoter or your fans. This document introduces yourself or your band and what you’re all about.  Tools such as Bandzoogle, Wix or Artistcard are a good place to start if you want to create your own EPK.

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4. Create a Fanbase Newsletter
Start collecting fan emails. Whether it’s via your website, live show, landing page or any other method. Use an email remarketing tool to keep your fans up to date with what you’re up to, what coming shows you have and when your next song comes out. MailChimp is a great email tool to use. An email once a month usually gets the job done.

5. Network
It all begins with human interaction. Some of the best places we get to in life, especially in music, are through people. Through great personal connections we make with others. “I know the person who manages that radio station” or “my friend is looking for a band to play next with at his venue in New York” are two examples of good news you usually get by talking to people. Speak to your fans after a show, get to know other musicians. If you’re not sure where to begin, is always a good place to start.

6. Your Own Website
Make sure that you have your own .com website or (depending where you’re from). True, not all of us are tech savvy, but hopefully we can find a friend who can help us out. WIX or WordPress are good tools to use to create a website quickly & easily. Make sure your social sharing buttons are there – for an easy share. Showcase yourself in the way you’d like your fans to see you. Offer potential fans something extra in exchange for their email (which you will later add to your newsletter).

7. Facebook
Post to your music page every so often. Remember, you don’t want to bombard your fans but rather engage them. Best not to post links to YouTube or Vimeo, but rather upload the videos directly to Facebook – exposure is significantly better. Create an event for your live shows. Ask a friend to take pictures and then add them to the event on Facebook so fans can tag each other. If a post you uploaded is getting good feedback, don’t be shy to boost it. $5 can take you a long way.

Have any questions or want more tips on how to build your audience list? Feel free to ask us or simply Upload your video.