From nearly selling his gear to signing with Sony Music for worldwide distribution. This is the inspirational story of Daniel Green.

Life is made up of little wins and failures. For Daniel Green, this is a fact that he has wholly embraced and a force that keeps him going.

Daniel green is never more alive than when he’s playing guitar. His music possesses a rock n’ roll allure that coupled with his unique voice draws in audiences from all parts of the world. His success story is one laden with struggles. Don’t let the shine and smile fool you.

First, no one ever starts at the top and getting there is no picnic either. From Tel Aviv Israel, The Daniel green show had three US tours in 12 months. Moreover, his songs from ‘between two worlds’ play in countries like Germany, UK, US, Canada, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand.

With 24 years of playing the guitar, it’s hard to believe that there was a time he didn’t play. Music for him began at the age of 14 when he watched a documentary of Jimi Hendrix playing Wild Thing in Monterey. From that moment, filled with inspiration, Daniel began playing the guitar and writing songs.

Throughout his career, Daniel Green still draws inspiration from Hendrix and Black Crowes. In fact, Marc Ford, an ex-guitar player for the black Crowes featured in Green’s debut album. Marc voiced his support for Daniel saying, “Playing on this project was a great experience, and I wish the best for Daniel’s career.”

It wasn’t always smooth sailing though, far from it. In 2014, Daniel came close to throwing in the towel. “If I had listened to the voices inside my head,” he recalls, “I probably would have sold all my gear and forgotten about playing music, luckily I didn’t do that.” Daniel made the choice to power through the difficult times and continued to be a remarkable voice for many audiences.

It’s been an excellent year for The Daniel Green Show having just recently signed with Sony Music; “I see it as another step” Daniel says. Despite the long road traveled by the band, their hard work is paying off. From having three tours in 12 months to signing a worldwide music distribution deal.

Daniel’s turning point was a single Facebook message. “I received a Facebook message from a girl in Oklahoma asking when I’d be in town for a show,” he recalls. In hindsite, that single message had changed him.

Ultimately, he did not let the negative thoughts control him but instead chose to focus on the opportunities in life. So what lessons can we learn from Daniel Green’s story?

1. Believe there’s something greater guiding you

Call it God, the universe, or any other name you’d like to give it. Sometimes things happen in our lives we simply cannot explain. Daniel Green is a believer, and this has helped him in countless ways. “I believe everything is done by God who wants the best for me,” he mentions.

In his struggles and successes, he believes that it’s all God’s plan; therefore, his outlets for success are infinite. When one door closes, another will open.

In our lives, we face challenges every day and sometimes it seems as though the sun will never shine again. Draw some inspiration from Daniel whose strong trust in God’s plan for his life keeps him pushing beyond the limits he would set for himself.

It doesn’t matter how many setbacks you experience; we all want to reach the fullest expression of ourselves and if we believe that there’s something greater heading our way, eventually we will rise to our full potential.

2. Giving up is not an option

“Giving up is not an option, not only in music.” Says Daniel. In his life, he’s had many instances where giving up seemed like the best option. He came close to listening to the voices in his head but luckily he kept going. You don’t need an enormous leap to keep going; one word can change your view of life.

For Daniel, the proudest moment in his life was when his daughter was born. In his music career, another proud moment came when he began playing with one of the world’s best guitar players, Marc Ford, on his debut album. Had he sold his gear back in 2014, this huge win wouldn’t have materialized.

It doesn’t matter how tight you think your situation is, don’t throw in the towel because the harder it is, the more meaningful your success will be. 

3. Nothing worthwhile ever came easy

Often, we are our own worst enemies. We trap ourselves in fear and uncertainty which paralyzes us and renders us sightless; we can’t see the magnitude of our self-inflicted damage.

Daniel doesn’t shy away from acknowledging himself as his enemy. It is the first step to overcoming your fears. Many young people don’t realize their full potential because they live life as though it is guaranteed. “I am trying to live life as though every day is a wonder,” says Daniel, “accepting life as an obvious thing is the number one dream killer.”

When asked about the band’s latest achievement in signing with Sony, Daniel emphasized that, “anything can happen if you want it to happen.”

Remember that while we all want to be happy, not all of us follow through and go the extra mile to achieve our goals. It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, take these lessons and focus on the things you want in life, not what’s missing from them.