What We Do

We partner with professionals and celebrities who offer a 15-minute online video session to the highest bidder, in order to help raise money for important causes.

All proceeds raised from the 15 minute sessions will go directly to children’s humanitarian and developmental organizations, with focus on giving kids empowering experiences.


Why Join?

By joining, you will be added to an incredible group of kind individuals who help children all over the world.


Interested in joining us?

The process is simple:

  1. Send an email to team@daystage.com
  2. Include your full name, phone number, short bio and which organizations you’re most interested in helping
  3. A team member will contact you shortly after your information is processed


Have a question?

Let us know at team@daystage.com. We’re on a mission to support children worldwide and help give them the empowering experiences they need to overcome their struggles. 


Join us