What is the 15 Minute Club?

The 15 Minute Club is a way for professionals to use 15 minutes of their time to have a  lasting impact on other people’s lives. Our goal is to create a community of professionals who empower others. In 15 minutes, you can help others:

  • Develop their passion. Share your expertise.
  • Find purpose. Share your insight.
  • Strive for big things. Show them it’s possible.


Why Join the 15 Minute Club?

Letting us know you’re interested in joining means that you will be added to an exclusive list of professionals who, based on their experience, receive information about people who can benefit from booking a 15 minute session with them.  You decide if and when to have the session.


What’s different about 15 Minute Club sessions?

While booking a normal session on Daystage isn’t free, professionals who join the 15 Minute Club give 15 minutes of their time as a way of giving back to the community. While money does buy a lot of things, a person’s attention can sometimes be invaluable.



Have a question about the 15 Minute Club?

Let us know at team@daystage.com. The 15 Minute Club is on a mission to support people and help them succeed by learning the from the people who have been there before.